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AIDS 2012: Black Gay Men Have Higher HIV Rates Despite No Greater Risk Behavior

African-American gay and bisexual men in U.S. cities have a significantly higher likelihood of becoming infected with HIV despite the fact that they do not engage in more high-risk sex or drug use, according to studies presented at the recent XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) in Washington, DC, and in an HIV-theme issue of The Lancet.

[Alan Guttirez from interviews Gregorio Millett and Sheldon Fields about HIV disparities among black gay and bisexual men and how they might be overcome.]alt

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AIDS 2012: Why Do Black Gay and Bisexual Men Have Higher HIV Rates? [VIDEO]

Several studies presented at the recent XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) in Washington, DC, shed further light on disproportionately high rates of HIV prevalence and incidence among African-American men who have sex with men (MSM).alt

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The Stigma-Sickness Slope: HIV Vulnerability in Asian Transgender Populations

As many as half of all transgender people in Asia may be living with HIV, according to a new report by the United Nations Development Programme and the Asia Pacific Transgender Network. The findings offer insight into the altmultifactorial drivers of high HIV seroprevalence and vulnerability among trans persons in the region.

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AIDS 2012: Changing Epidemiology of Opportunistic Infections in the ART Era

Large overall declines in opportunistic infections (OIs) among people with HIV in the U.S. mask continued high rates among inner city populations, according to a presentation Monday at the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) in Washington, DC.alt

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HIV Infection Associated with Increased Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

People with HIV at a public clinic in San Francisco had a sudden cardiac death rate more than 4 times higher than that of the general population, and most who died had identifiable cardiovascular risk factors, according to a study described in the May 22, 2012, Journal of the American College of Cardiology.alt

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